Jarratt Isted

Lessons Learned Rebuilding Our Marketing Site

Jarratt Isted on

Building a new marketing site from scratch is daunting. There I am with a blank screen and a gazillion possibilities. The job sounded simple: convey HelpDocs and its purpose to new visitors. But as many designers and developers know, it’s never that simple. I think everyone finds a certain kind of joy when it comes to building something. The process with its challenges & bumps along the road and the final result when you get to stand back and look at what we’ve created. When it comes to building, I’m a sucker for trying making things look...

Jake Peters

Why We're Forcing Ourselves to Stop Rebuilding Our Product

Jake Peters on

As a technical founder it's my job to prioritize what to build, what to improve, and what to chuck away. A.k.a managing "the roadmap". When you're working inside the product day-to-day, just how do you decide what needs the most attention? We're a bootstrapped team of three so our resources are pretty slim. And while we're laser-focused on building and shipping great product, we're also perfectionists. I've learned in the last few years that this combination can be deadly. I'm sure I can't be the only maker that sees their product and just wants to improve what's already...

Nicole Fu

The Future of Product Management in 2018

Nicole Fu on

Apple, Coca Cola, and Nike are just a few examples of consumer brands who have managed to stay relevant over time, in no small part due to strong product management. High-tech product management, on the other hand, is considered by some to be a young and relatively immature profession. But despite its infancy, a number of leaders have emerged over the past several decades. At HelpDocs, some companies that we look up to include Deliveroo, Spotify, and Zapier, and so in anticipation of the the new year, we asked members of these companies to weigh in on how they see...

Jarratt Isted

A Sleighful of Goodies: December Product Updates

Jarratt Isted on

With the holiday season well into swing, we thought we'd wrap up 2017 with a right cracker. We've been busy little elves, shipping sleighing a sack full of integrations, optimising the app, and making a host of other improvements behind the workshop. ⛄️ A trio of new integrations HelpDocs is all about being able to keep your help center separate, so we love shipping new integrations. This way, you can connect up even more useful tools without having to commit to just one. elevio A help center is only useful if customers know about it. Linking to it from your app...