Jarratt Isted

Introducing Our First Guide: Building a Knowledge Base from Scratch

Jarratt Isted on

It’s easy to leave setting up a knowledge base at the bottom of your to-do list. Or y’know, assign that one to another teammate. No biggie. 🤨 Like an author getting started on their next novel, writing and organizing a knowledge base can be a daunting, confusing task. Thinking about how to fit everything into neat little buckets of information that everyone can understand could make you break a sweat on your brow. Besides, do you even need a knowledge base? Is it too early? What if customers don’t use it? Am I overthinking this?! These are all...

Sara Pion

Rebuilding a Knowledge Base for a High Growth Startup

Sara Pion on

When I started my job at Drift, I was there for many different reasons: To learn everything I could about our product, to disperse that knowledge internally and externally, and to set the tone for the rest of the customer advocates to come after me. We were a team of 35, and little did we know that in 6 months we’d be a team of 100 with two offices on separate sides of the country with our knowledge base the go-to resource for customers and new hires alike. So we laid out a game plan to take our little...

Robin Singh

How Self-Service Knowledge Bases Empower Support Staff to Get More Done

Robin Singh on

“The customer is always right”. Yeah, and they’re super demanding too. According to Harvard Business Review, 65% of customers want their problem resolved in the first try. And, over 60% of customers believe that knowledgeable employees is crucial to providing good customer service. Enter: customer service knowledge bases. A knowledge base system is a customer support tool that helps employees access the information they need. It’s a “self-service” platform, too. Knowledge bases can be implemented internally, where only employees from an organization can use it, or externally, where it’s primarily designed to provide help to customers. All...

Jarratt Isted

Live Chat & Bots: Where Do They Fit In When Interacting With Customers?

Jarratt Isted on

Customer support has always been a bit of a necessary evil for companies. Nobody wants to spend money on support, but without support would you have any customers? I doubt it. With the rise of live chat, it's even harder for support reps to deliver good responses, in good time. With email it's acceptable to reply within a day or so. With live chat, that's not ok. You'll need to reply within the hour to impress. With the rising interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, live chat software companies are asking—how can we use this tech to drop...