Jarratt Isted

Lending a Helping Hand Inside the Classroom

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We've all got cherished memories from our few first years at school. Learning the alphabet, making the difficult decision between having milk or juice as a snack, and creating far too much mess with PVA glue. But I'm sure you never thought about how much hard work your teachers put in to keep an eye on your progress. Keeping track of pupils, their results, and whether they need extra help to get back on track takes a lot of work—and usually too many spreadsheets to bear. This is where Insight comes in, stopping many school teachers from getting lost...

Robin Singh

How Self-Service Knowledge Bases Empower Support Staff to Get More Done

Robin Singh on

“The customer is always right”. Yeah, and they’re super demanding too. According to Harvard Business Review, 65% of customers want their problem resolved in the first try. And, over 60% of customers believe that knowledgeable employees is crucial to providing good customer service. Enter: customer service knowledge bases. A knowledge base system is a customer support tool that helps employees access the information they need. It’s a “self-service” platform, too. Knowledge bases can be implemented internally, where only employees from an organization can use it, or externally, where it’s primarily designed to provide help to customers. All...

Jarratt Isted

Shredding off 25% Support Load to Self-Serve

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Solvo helps over 5.5 million people in the Netherlands find, compare, and book medical specialists every month. By showing reliable medical information in a clear language, the company matches up patients with a specialist that will aid them on their way to better health. They take pride in constantly improving their product and making sure it's inline with their customers' needs. Part of that cycle is making sure their documentation is in order and is as useful as possible. Before using HelpDocs, the team thought about whether to invest resources into building their very own support site. They needed...

Jake Peters

Infinite, Instant & Brand New: October Product Updates

Jake Peters on

This past few months we've been working on some super exciting new HelpDocs features. We're keeping some of them under wraps for now, but I have a few awesome developments to share with you today. 🎉 Subcategory support Yep, we've added support for categories inside other categories. This is our most common feature request by a really large margin. You asked, we listened. Like everything we do at HelpDocs, we've taken our time to launch and done it right. Most knowledge bases support some kinda subcategory, but usually it's a single level. We support infinite nesting. ∞ Why's this so useful? I'm...