How ready2order Scaled Support for Store Owners Across the Globe

Setting up a new store is a wild, messy, exciting time. Fitting it out, finishing up the last coat of paint, and arranging the big day when you’re finally open for business.

The thing you’re probably not thinking about is stock management, discounting, order management, and customer profiles. But these all matter just as much—if not more—than the lilac you chose for the reception area.

This is where ready2order come in. They provide a platform independent point-of-sale system for small to medium sized companies. This makes it possible for smaller companies to take advantage of the same tools that their bigger brothers use. New store owners, rejoice!

Growing company, struggling support

As ready2order started to scale and transition from hundreds to thousands of customers, it was starting to become difficult for the team to overlook the downsides of their current knowledge base solution.

Christoph Schachner, Marketing & SEO Manager, is the person responsible for their knowledge base. After talking with their customer success team it was obvious things just weren’t working out anymore.

“It was enough while we only had a couple hundred customers, but once we got to thousands of customers, we had to look for a solution that can scale with us” explains Christoph.

“We had a chaotic knowledge base, where articles were outdated, search queries had to be entered to exactly match the title of the article and building topic clusters plainly said, just wasn't possible. We had something but it wasn't ideal for us”.

After struggling with their current solution, they went looking for something easier to use and better at scaling their support. “A higher support demand and the lack of an easy to use interface then brought us to HelpDocs”.

Scaling & restructuring self-serve support

After writing, copying, and updating articles the team added a little customization to make things look familiar for customers.


ready2order's knowledge base

The team also connected up Slack to feed in notifications and create articles, Intercom to chat to customers right from their knowledge base, and Google Analytics to keep track of views and popularity.

“Every new customer requires their own acquisition, activation and the cost associated with the process while existing customers require such process only once per customer” says Christoph. “Since using HelpDocs, our customer success team has managed to demonstrably reduce the number of calls, that just require some basic support. So it is a huge relief for our support team”.

Now with customers in the thousands and a knowledge base with HelpDocs, the team find it far easier to educate customers about their POS system and how it all fits together.

Christoph, Ready2Order

"Before HelpDocs we answered the same question a couple of times a day. Now we can cut down the working hours and scale our customer success team".

— Christoph Schachner, Marketing & SEO Manager

Switching also changed their customer support practices, making their self-serve support a first class citizen. “We try to communicate our knowledge base to our customers whenever possible”.

“Be it when they start a conversation with us on Intercom, that we just forward them the link to an article. Or that we make them aware of our knowledge base during support calls. We definitely changed the way we support our customers”.