A Few Life Lessons Mario Kart Items Taught Me

I hate to brag, but I'm kind of amazing at Mario Kart ๐Ÿ˜

With my main character Isabelle in tow, I'm sliding around those tracks at 250cc with no problems.

Okay, so I'll admit I haven't played online because I'm terrified at what the players half my age will do to my poor Isabelle, but the computers who compete with me don't stand a chance.

While steaming past Shyguy's hanging about, I noticed that Mario Kart items have some hidden meanings. I think they do, anyway.

The Blue Shell: Why I Should Listen Better

Artwork of a Blue Shell from New Super Mario Bros.

I recently realized I'm a terrible listener. I can nod and answer, but I don't listen, partly due to spending too much time on my phone and partly to being naturally introverted.

When that Blue Shell comes at me, I'll hear it whizzing past the other side of the track. Listen better, and I can prepare by equipping an item that might help me in my time of need (or be extra evil and slow down to let others take the hit).

A better listener means understanding what someone is saying, giving them time to say it, and responding with something meaningful.

Life lesson: Become better at listening; you'll naturally do better at life and relationships.

Banana: Slipups Will Happen Not Matter What

Life happens sometimes, whether you like it or not. Things (or, in this case, bananas) aren't impossible to avoid, but even if you're trying your best, slipups happen.

I recently bought an outside storage container for cushions (I know, thrilling, right?!). But, guess whatโ€”the pillows didn't fit even though I was convinced I had measured it correctly.

Instead of getting annoyed with myself about being able to avoid the mistake, I took a minute and realized I should've measured the darn thing better but also that it didn't matter all that much. I could store other things in my little box.

Life lesson: Whether avoidable or not, mistakes will happen. No need to stew over your wrong turn. Just keep calm and carry on.

Squid Attack: Sometimes the Future Is Unclear and That's Okay

Official artwork of a Blooper from Dr. Mario World

As I approach my dreaded 30th birthday, I've been thinking more about my life. Thinking would be putting things lightly. I've been overthinking and freaking out about my life in general.

What will I do with the rest of my life? Have I made the most of it already? Am I a good person? Should I have a plan?

Ugh, so many questions and no answer appear before me. Now I'm writing it down, it seems silly, but it's a genuine concern I'm sure many of you reading experience.

The thing I've realized is it doesn't matter that the future is unclear. I spoke to my spouse the other day about having a life plan and the fact that whatever you think you'll do, life has another plan, whether good or bad.

Life lesson: Life will happen. Try to make a very loose plan but don't fret if it doesn't work out how you want. Life is as fluid as a squid's ink attack (hopefully a little less mean).

Mushrooms: Steer Towards Things That Boost You

Sometimes things in my life drain me. Whether that's dealing with a bad hotel with a stuck-up receptionist, squeezing past the hordes of people out shopping on Oxford Street, or having the bad habit of ordering fast food when I don't want to even consider the healthy option.

The thing is, good habits will boost me. They're like mushrooms.

Steer towards good habits (mushrooms) like yoga and eating something with less salt and I'll be accelerating my life rather than staying at my normal speed.

Just because you have to go out of your way, doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea.

Life lesson: Even if it's more effort, focus on good habits that boost your general life rather than choosing stuff that'll either keep your same pace or slow you down.