Helping Real Estate Agents Match Hearts with Homes

For many buying a home is one of life’s most important and memorable steps.

Real estate agents are there to help find the perfect pad for you. Whether the clients are a young couple eager to put down a deposit on a first home or a growing family looking to escape the noise and up sticks to the suburbs, matching heart and home is a tough job.

But real estate agents aren’t always tech savvy. With a shortage of time to put into creating a website that wows, many real estate agents just don’t have the energy to post home details and make them easy to understand.

Easy Agent PRO makes the first step of this journey that little bit easier for real estate agents. It’s no secret more house hunters are skipping the offline hunt in favor of an online search, so by providing design for professional real estate websites the team enable these agents to generate leads online and grow their business without the hassle.

With a product that allows customers to create a site from scratch, product education is essential. “We can centralize all of our support documentation in one, easy-to-use location and share that at scale with our client base” says Michael Blowers, Head of Sales and Onboarding at the company.

EasyAgentPro's knowledge base

Easy Agent PRO's knowledge base

Prior to switching to HelpDocs Michael and the team were using an alternative knowledge base provider to scale their support and help educate customers on how to use their software. However, they found it difficult to use and maintain their docs on the platform. “The software was somewhat difficult to use and maintain for support documentation” explains Michael. “It was also more expensive than we would have liked and was not strictly focused on support documentation functionality”.

Michael, Ready2Order

HelpDocs is an integral part of our business. It saves labor hours trying to answer every question manually and offers a 24/7 support solution for clients exploring the features and possibilities of our product!

Michael Blowers, Head of Sales and Onboarding

After making the move over they’ve found their knowledge base a breeze to maintain, simple to customize, and best of all their customers are more successful because docs are updated more regularly and they can use analytics to measure their performance. “The metrics are phenomenal, it's easy to use, the 301 redirect tool is amazing, and it looks great!” says Michael.