Robin Singh

How Self-Service Knowledge Bases Empower Support Staff to Get More Done

Robin Singh on

“The customer is always right”. Yeah, and they’re super demanding too. According to Harvard Business Review, 65% of customers want their problem resolved in the first try. And, over 60% of customers believe that knowledgeable employees is crucial to providing good customer service. Enter: customer service knowledge bases. A knowledge base system is a customer support tool that helps employees access the information they need. It’s a “self-service” platform, too. Knowledge bases can be implemented internally, where only employees from an organization can use it, or externally, where it’s primarily designed to provide help to customers. All...

Jarratt Isted

5 Top-Notch Image Annotation Tools for Your Knowledge Base Articles

Jarratt Isted on

People come to your knowledge base to solve problems. They don't hang around to get their daily reading fix. Well, at least I don't think they do. If you can solve a customer's problem quicker, you're gonna save yourself a boatload of money on customer support costs and the customer's gonna be pretty happy not to waste their time contacting you too. Whilst the whole 'we have shorter attention spans now because of the internet' might be a complete fad, you can't argue we're an impatient bunch when it comes to getting stuff done. If something's not working the way...

Jarratt Isted

How to Write Knowledge Base Articles Customers Can Actually Understand

Jarratt Isted on

Writing a knowledge base article is a surprisingly difficult task. How can you keep the language simple and clear? How do you get across the information without making your customers fall asleep? 😴 Good news is you don't need to take a class in technical writing. In fact, the less you know about the subject the better. Looking for an easy-to-use knowledge base that looks great out the box? Give HelpDocs a try for 14 days, free. 🎁 Ironically, many knowledge base articles are more complicated than the product itself. This leads to baffled customers and no reduction in support ticket volume—...

Jake Peters

HelpDocs Now Supports Internal Docs

Jake Peters on

We've been building HelpDocs for just over 6 months now. We get dozens of feature requests each day, and one of the most common by far is internal docs. In fact, some of our users have been using HelpDocs internally since the start. They've hacked it into their workflows, and made it work for them. I wasn't exactly eager to add internal docs to the platform. Mostly because I thought it would confuse things. And after all, isn't that what Confluence / Google Docs / is for? Turns out people were looking for another way. An easy, lightweight, way to share information...